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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Timbers and Soffits can be ideal for coastal climates.

We offer Douglas Fir clear vertical grain for cabinets, ceiling paneling and any custom pattern that your project may call for.

Western Red Cedar Siding is both durable and easy to work with.
Unrivaled durability when exposed outdoors,it's beauty timeless

Cedar Shakes and Shingles are both elegant and classic wood materials.
Wall and roof applications are available in Western Red and Yellow Cedar, fire treatment and fancy cuts available.

Outdoor structures such as Pergolas, Trellises and Arbors create a bridge between our indoor and outdoor life.
Choose Cedar products to ensure the best durability, insect and moisture resistance.

Western Red Cedar siding and exterior trim.
Unrivaled in durability for exterior applications, it's naturally the right choice for siding and decking. See our Red Cedar Siding Products

Western Red Cedar Siding
Shown here with a weathering stain, compliments the metal siding on the tower.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Siding
Naturally instect and moisture resistant, it outlives most other siding species.
Premium product for outdoor applications.

Interior paneling and custom made cabinetry are the details that make your home more memorable.
No other product comes close to the organic look of real wood.
Shown here is Douglas Fir Clear Vertical Grain

Post and Beams provide not only structural support,
they can be an integral element on the interior apperance of your custom home.

Reclaimed wood.
Not only are you re-using material that otherwise would end up in a landfill.
You are using a renewable resource that will have renewed life in your project.

We offer Douglas Fir clear vertical grain for cabinets, ceiling paneling
and any custom pattern that your project may call for.

Timberframes: post and beam construction with wooden joints.
We carry a selection of species to match your structural and aesthetic vision of the frame,
along with flooring and panleling complimentary products

There is only one Bear Creek Lumber. Family owned and operated, BCL has been offering its specialty lumber services to the general public since 1977, and has a thirty year association with the finest mills in North America. We carry an inventory of top quality products including Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Spruce and many other American and Canadian softwoods and exotic hardwoods. The huge selection of grades and species kept in stock is unique. Our freight department regularly ships these products to every corner of the country, including South Pacific and Caribbean destinations. Over the years, Bear Creek Lumber has built up a reputation for quality products, services, fairness and dependability.