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Wood Decking Products

BCL can offer any wood decking you may need. Ipe, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, and Redwood are the most commonly used species of wood for decking applications. All species are available in S4S (surfaced four sides).

western red cedar decksWestern Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar decking galley. This wood contains a natural preservative oil which renders its heartwood resistive to decay and gives it durability without artificial preservative treatment

port orford cedar decks imagesPort Orford Cedar

POC decking is exceptionally strong for a softwood. In tests for crushing strength, bending, shearing strength and side hardness, Port Orford outperformed all other cedars and Redwood. Specifically 45% stronger than Redwood or Western Red Cedar in impact bending and 30% stronger in crushing strength.

Ipe decking imagesIpe

Visit our Ipe picture gallery Premium carbide tipped saw blades and high quality drills are recommended for smooth cuts due to the hardness of Ipe. Pre-drill a pilot hole and countersink when using screws as fasteners. End sealing: ends should be sealed immediately after cutting using a clear aqueous wax end sealer to reduce checking.

California Redwood decking imagesRedwood

Redwood It is known for its easy maintenance and beautiful color: a deep reddish brown that darkens with age. Redwood is most often used for applications where high moisture levels are a problem for other types of wood.

Alaskan yellow cedar decks imagesAlaska Yellow Cedar

AYC decking stands up to constant wear and load impacts without forming ridges or splitting. It does not splinter, so it is also used on stadium seating.