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Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Scientific Name: Chamaecyparis nootkatensis

A picture showing alaskan yellow cedar shingles in weathered and natural colors.Other common names: Nootka cypress, sitka cypress, pacific yellow cedar. Found only on the Pacific coast of North America, Yellow Cedar is the hardest known cedar in the world. Prized by boat builders, it has exceptional resistance to weather and insects as well as easy workability. First used by the West Coast Indians for their historic Totem Poles and great war canoes, it is a rare and often difficult to find lumber species. Its durability and ease of tooling makes it readily adaptable for the construction and finishing of homes, schools, factories, churches, recreational centers and a variety of commercial and industrial uses. It grows in a band from Southern Alaska to Southern Oregon. It is one of the slowest growing trees in North America and includes trees that are 700-1200 years old. 50-60 annual rings per inch are not uncommon. This rare and exceptionally beautiful wood species seeks out high and adventurous sites and often grows to the tree line. It is a medium sized tree, with a thin bark. It is slow growing with high disease and decay resistance, as well as oils that make it very aromatic. It grows from Alaska south to Oregon with the largest areas of growth in British Columbia and SE Alaska. Photo: above left: natural and weathered coloration of AYC shingles.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Products

ayc shingles iconShakes and Shingles
Highly resistant to weather and rot, this boat building wood makes for a perfect siding...

ayc boardsBoards
From boat and airplane building to any application you can think of, AYC boards.

ayc post and beamsPost and Beam
Moderate in strength yet beautiful to the eyes, it's well suited for coastal environments.

interior paneling in AYCInterior Paneling
Aromatic properties of cedar make it a top choice for paneling...

Additional Alaskan Yellow Cedar Products:

Sauna Boards, Trim, Fascia, Roofing, Exposed Ceiling.

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Available Board Grades

Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description.  If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know.  We can email you pictures and grade rules.

  • cv - Clear Vertical Grain - This is the top quality grade available. Pieces may exhibit a few minor characteristics which do not detract from their high appearance and quality.
  • c - C and Better Clear - Most pieces are entirely clear or have only a few unimportant characteristics
  • d - D and Better Clear - Clear grains but allowances for medium pitch streaks, limited pin holes, hit and miss skips, two knots approximately 1" or their equivalent.
  • tk - Select Tight Knot - Character and a great price are the marks of STK.

Note the different colors above (some boards have been finished). Yellow cedar, like any other wood, has a range of colors from soft yellow to light brown. On special orders we are able to match colors at an extra cost.

Available Patterns

Tongue & Groove , Channel , Pattern 105 , Edge & Center Bead , S4S

Primary Uses

Yellow cedar can be used for floors, doors, decks, ceiling paneling, custom woodworking, and millwork. It is very popular for carving as well as versatile when used in industrial applications. It has been traditionally used for boat building because of its long term durability. Racing boat enthusiasts have often used it for high performance shells, and for bridge decking. It stands up to constant wear and load impacts without forming ridges or splitting. It does not splinter, so it is also used on stadium seating.

Other Featured Products

alskan yellow cedar interior paneling« Alaskan Yellow Cedar Interior Paneling : Sought after for use in saunas, interior pool rooms and rooms that need a bright paneling solution.

a picture of a deck buitl with alaskan yellow cedar boards« Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking Highly resistant to weather and rot, this wood will make your deck last longer with the added benefit of beautiful colors.