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Richard Garing, Sales

I've worked in Bear Creek Lumber from 1983 to 1999, and then returned in 2006 to my present position. My responsibilites are Sales. I relate to all aspects of this industry, and over the years I have made a career out of this industry, from a general contractor to high quality lumber sales.

Over the years I have used Western Red Cedar , Fir and Pine , along with Alaskan Yellow Cedar on my projects. My favorite product that I have used and that I sell often is Western Red Cedar in clear grades.

I'm an avid skier, biker and hiker on the trails of our home Methow Valley. If I have tto give you one tip about lumber it would be to acclimatize the wood you ordered prior to installing it. We have a great page on lumber acclimatization on this website. Please don't be intimidated by terminology or description language, always ask since "questions alleviate assumptions". If I think is a really dumb question, I may tell you though!

Email Richard  or call 1.800.597.7191

Customer Feedback

"The wood has arrived and unloading it went very smooth. I now have all
of it in the garage with the help of my wife and a dolly. All the items
to do the work are bought and very soon I will begin putting up the
arbor. Thanks for all of your help - I will send you a picture of it
latter on during/ after the construction.
Thanks again,"
- Terry Underwood, NJ

"Hi there. The lumber and siding from you guys is absolutely gorgeous. John
did a beautiful job on the decks and only ended up a few boards short. Your
wood is by far the best we've seen so far. I wanted to say
thank you."
- Sarah Hoffman, WY

Richard's Featured Projects

Some extra pictures

richard riding charging through the trails!Richard charging the trails of the Methow Valley with Mr. Brown, a local contractor and mountainbiker.