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Bannick Camp Tree Farm

Sustainably Harvested Douglas fir Posts and Poles

local sawyer jake marshallten inch diameter peeled logsRestoration Logging: Overgrown suppressed stands of Douglas fir are logged for better forest environmental health. Trees that should be spaced 30 feet apart are typically targeted ( as seen below with blue paint markings). Growth rings show the wood is particularly dense. This product is excellent for a variety of uses from rail fencing (using small diameter logs) to posts and poles for construction. Whole trees are available for sale. Local sawyer Jake Marshall (right) spends the summer thinning, when not fighting forest fires. Shown to the left and below are Ten-inch diameter hand-peeled logs.

Bear Creek Lumber selectively harvests posts and poles in diameters of all sizes and lengths from its forestry operation. The trees are hand marked, cut and peeled. Shown in these pictures are peeled 10 inch posts and unpeeled 3-4 inch rails. The rails can be used as natural fencing ( as shown) or for furniture. The natural character of some of the rails makes for interesting natural shapes. The property has mistletoe (as seen in picture) which can be a huge fire hazard. As part of the company’s restorative thinning, many mistletoed trees are being harvested including some larger 12-18 inch trees. For more information about these fir products, call 800-597-7191. Logs will be available until snow closes the roads in late October/early November.

ten inch diameter peeled logs
unpeeled logsrail fencingfour inch logstrees marked for thinningmisteltoe