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Redwood Recycled Exterior Siding and Trim

California Redwood

The Redwood trees of California have been harvested since the time of the first Spanish settlers, 400 years ago. It is a highly prized lumber product renowned for several unique features. One of the most dimensionally stable of the western softwoods, redwood is not prone to checking and splitting, and therefore is less damaged by weathering. It is decay-resistant in all heartwood grades, so heartwood can be used near the ground. Redwood is more insect repellent in all-heartwood grades than other softwoods, yet it is lightweight.

Despite being one of the lightest of softwoods, it provides adequate strength for a wide variety of uses, and has superior insulation values. The minute cell structure with thousands of air-filled cavities accounts for Redwood’s thermal insulation values. This softwood is easily machined, easy to saw and nail and has superior gluing properties as well as superior finish-holding ability. It is known for its easy maintenance and beautiful color: a deep reddish brown that darkens with age. 

Redwood is most often used for applications where high moisture levels are a problem for other types of wood. It is also specified for its exquisite coloring. We offer redwood sidingdecking and lumber for all kinds of projects. 

Scientific Name: Sequoia sempervirens

Lumber Sizing

When ordering your Redwood products it is important to understand lumber sizing.  Lumber is generally going to be sold on what is called Nominal Sizing rather than Net Sizing. An example of this would be to order a 2″x4″.   Though the board is nominally called a 2″x4″ its net size may be 1.5″ x 3.5″ if it has been surfaced on all four sides.   

If you need a particular net size of material, please be sure to make your sales representative aware of the exact net size so they can provide you with the right piece of lumber.

Available Grades

clear all heart grain redwood sample icon CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN CALIFORNIA REDWOOD SAMPLE Flat Clear Grain redwood sample icon. b gradeknotty grade

  1. Clear All Heart Vertical Grain – Is the finest grade of Redwood. It is all heartwood and the graded face of each piece is free of knots.
  2. Clear All Heart Flat Grained
  3. AYE Clear
  4. B Heart
  5. Construction Heart – An appearance grade with beautiful characteristics.

California Redwood Products In Application

Redwood is one of the lightest North American softwoods used in structural applications. However it is comparatively strong to other heavier species. It’s resistance to checking, cupping andd warping male it an excellent choice for any lumber, board and/or timber project.

Browse our line of products below, or browse by species on the lumber species page. We also have a Raw Lumber Picture Gallery.

If you don’t see what you are looking for don’t hesitate to email us and request a custom job.


Rough sawn or surfaced timbers in lengths up to 50 feet. Hand hewing and corbels available to achieve any look your project demans.


outstanding weathering in this softwood guarantees you'll enjoy your deck for years to come In stock and ready to ship Redwood decking products.


Few other woods equal the finish grade and dimensional stability of Redwood siding. Browse the gallery and see for yourself. Tongue and groove siding pictures in application.

Interior Paneling

Redwood paneling is flat out gorgeous, as you can see. It brings a rich color to any room and enhance any design. We offer a selection of clear grades, traditional, and custom milled patterns.

California Redwood Interior Ceiling Paneling Products
Ceiling Paneling

Bring a warm atmosphere to your home with interior Redwood finishes. If we don't have it in inventory, we offer additional special order sizing and patterns.


Redwood is our most popular fencing material, with beautiful dark rich tones and durability it is sure to transform your garden.

Garden Structures

A popular choice for the most visible features in your garden, from benches to pergolas. With Redwood, you can integrate the indoors and outdoor living in your home with garden and patio structures.


Rich colors and great workability make this a material suited for virtually any application. Wether you are paneling, trimming, creating some accent features, or simply restoring a great old house, Redwood can perform.

Raw Lumber Product Chart

Roofing and Exterior
Shakes and Shingles
Post and Beams Surfaced Four Sides S4S
Rough Cut
Free of Heart Center (F.O.H.C.)
Surfaced One Side and Two Edges (S1S2E)
Surfaced For Sides (S4S)
Rough Cut
Paneling & Patterns
Tongue and groove
Double Flush
Tongue and Groove
Double Flush

Characteristics Of Redwood

Acoustic properties: N/A
Density: (oven-dry): 27.22 lb/ft3
Specific Gravity (oven dry): 0.37
Durability: Redwood is rated as resistant to very resistant to heartwood decay.
Finishing: Redwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatments.
Flame spread rating: 65(class II)
Smoke developed classification: N/A
Hardness: 410 lbf
MOE: 1.34 106lbf/in2
Stability: High dimensional stability
Workability: Works easily with both hand and machine tools, with little dulling effect on tools. It planes well, provided the cutters are sharp and it splinters easily when working on the end grain. It holds nails well, and paints and finishes satisfactorily. It also stains well, but glues best with alkaline adhesives.

Available Patterns

Tongue & Groove, S4S, Rough Cut, S1S2E

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