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Dear Cloud:
Attached please find photos of a project we recently completed at The Chalet Garden Center in north suburban Chicago.  This fine century-old business and its’ location made this very much a “showcase” project both for the owners and for us.
We do want to express our appreciation for the role that Bear Creek Lumber played in making this a success for all concerned.  The 50,000 board-feet of old-growth heartwood, heart center rough-sawn cedar timber was the appropriate grade and texture for the setting.  The squared ends in particular were helpful in speeding our work. We also appreciated your organization of efficient transport of the timber, which consisted of three truckloads and was delivered in a timely manner so we could stay on schedule. We thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to doing business with you again.
Kevin N - Beloit, WI

In The

Anti-Logging Protesters Increase Danger
to Loggers and Millworkers in Canada
To evade notice by metal detectors, logging protesters have begun using concrete plugs instead of metal spikes to terrorize loggers and millworkers. The concrete is unnoticeable until a saw strikes it, at which time it shoots out shrapnel from the log, like bullets, at workers. The spikes are placed exactly where a saw would enter a tree to maximize the danger. The spikes are part of a protest against the Canadian timber industry and are an example of the intensity with which protesters are fighting any sort of logging operation. Officials in Nelson, British Columbia say no one has yet been hurt by the sabotage but that the new tactics are far more likely to be lethal than past efforts.

Hi Mark:
Received the cedar on Monday. It looked great. Since then it has been bandsawed into beautiful corbels for my porch posts. Can't believe it was packed so well. I thought it was a crate of my grandmother's crystal goblets!!!
George B.
Coeur D’Alene, ID

Eco-Vandals Destroy Endangered Plant Research
In a misguided effort to halt research into tree genetics, vandals burned down a University of Washington research facility in May. The group mistakenly thought it was preventing research of a bio-technical nature when in actuality the facility was studying how to raise trees that would grow faster so that old-growth forests would not be impacted for use in products such as paper. These trees were being developed without using bio-technology methods. The building also housed rare and endangered plant species that were being studied as part of program to protect fragile plants from extinction. The arson was part of a pattern by a group called the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) which has used fire as a weapon against everything from ski resorts to tree farms to private homes. The group is loosely connected to another anarchistic organization, the Animal Liberation Front ( ALF) whose members also destroy research facilities and other perceived threats to nature. Neither organization has responded to criticism about the damage it has done to the environmental research that the University was conducting.