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Volume 15 Number 11 November 2001

Redwood Makes the Grade

Over Three Quarters of Redwood Commercial
Forest Certified As Sustainably Managed

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Three out of every four acres of commercial redwood forest are now independently certified as sustainably managed, according to the California Redwood Association. The major redwood lumber mills and landowners have completed third-party certification of their redwood forestlands. As a result, over one million acres, approx. 76% of available redwood commercial forests are certified. The basic tenets of certification programs include: forest health, protection of water quality, enhancement of wildlife, minimizing the visual impact of harvesting , protection of unique sites and improvement in wood use.

Fire Durable Redwood

University of California Forest Products Laboratory (UCFPL) recently conducted tests commercial decking materials. California redwood ranked number one out of 12 decking materials tested. The test were designed to evaluate the performance of varies woods when exposed to wildfire hazards that exist - (Continued)

Forest certification provides consumers with assurance that the redwood products they purchase have been harvested in an environmentally sound manner from well-managed forests. Large retailers and remanufacturers have driven much of the demand for certified products. Specifiers and homeowners are also increasingly showing interest in “green” products. California redwood harvest is also controlled by the California Forest Practices Act, recognized as the most thorough timber harvest regulations in North America. Under this program, redwood is most often harvested by a Sustained Yield Plan where a project must balance growth and harvest over a 100 year period while insuring the sustainablity of all forest resources, including wildlife, watershed and soil.
The lumber industry has known for decades that California redwood is the most well protected species of commercial timber in North America, if not the world. Says California Redwood Association president Charles Jourdain “ Now it is officially recognized that redwood forests are the most well managed according to results of independent certification audits”.

Top Ten Reasons
For A Cedar Exemption

1.Western red cedar (WRC) was never the target of the current U.S. trade action against Canadian lumber.

2. Thousands of businesses and dozens of communities will not be harmed if Western Red cedar is not exempted.

3. The current trade dispute is about structural lumber, like
2 x 4’s. WRC is not used for those structural purposes.

4. WRC does not compete with structural softwoods because it is primarily for decorative applications, including siding and trim.

5.WRC is a unique species with physical characteristics distinct from other softwoods.

6.WRC imports from Canada pose no threat of injury to the U.S. WRC market.

7. There is a domestic shortage of WRC in the U.S. that has left hundreds of American businesses and thousands of American jobs reliant on Canadian imports.

8. WRC is a high-value appearance product that is more than three times the price of U.S. structural lumber.

9. The alternatives to WRC include plastic, cement and hardwoods from, South East Asia, not lumber from the southern U.S.A.

10. The coastal forest industry in British Columbia will be disproportionately and unfairly harmed if WRC is not removed from the dispute.

Take Me Out ToThe Ballgame

Going to a Mariners game is an annual event for our employees and their families. This year, Bear Creek Lumber took a contingent of 42 folks to see the Mariners play the Oakland Athletics. It was a record setting day for both fan attendance and for our personal vote for AL rookie of the year, Ichiro, who set two new records. Although the M’s didn’t win this game, it was all smiles in the BCL section of the Safeco Field stands!
Pictured clockwise from top left: Its the sweet life for 5 year-old Wes Pilkinton, at his first major league game, seated between Mom Cindy and Dad Mike ; Shena Bannick and Devan Cole; Sy Bannick with girlfriend Sandy Woodbury; Pete and Kristina Edwards next to Kathy and Ed Behrens

Websites You Can Use:

Local Building Information

Local and state regulatory and code agencies can be accessed from this site which is organized logically for builders. Start at “State Agencies-50 states” link for the state licensing boards, extension services, etc.

Building Code Reference

The model building codes are profit-making institutions so you won’t find the full text on-line for free but you can come close at this useful website.

Estimating Calculators

Measurement and Calculation Tools.

Industry News

The forecast for housing had already shown signs of a slowdown before September. Most of the drop-off came in multi-unit housing. Despite consumer confidence slipping, single family housing starts and sales have been steady as mortgage rates stay low. Builders confidence in the future based on a National Association of Homebuilders Housing Market Index has shown a downward trend. But the association predicts a normal year in 2002 based on the government’s efforts to jump start the economy and keep interest levels low.

Lumber sales in the U.S. have slowed after reaching a peak in April. Canadian imports are down 15% over the same period last year. U.S. exports to other countries are off 36%. A drop off in Australian orders , a continuing recession in Japan and uncertainty in the global economy have been blamed. The strength of the American dollar against the euro has been a key factor in dropping exports of U.S. lumber to the European market. European lumber imports are up 230 million board feet, a 41% increase over the same period last year. This is not expected to last if falls the U.S. falls into a recession.
Lumber and timber companies say the Internet is useful to them but the promise of a new timber economy dependent on technology has not come to pass. Third party sales of wood products was a dismal failure but the Internet has allowed timber companies to speed transactions directly between suppliers more efficiently .Said one trader, ” There is no new economy, just an old one with a new set of tools.”
With plans to build a modern prairie style home with craftsman accents, Mahlon and Monica Kriebel came to Bear Creek Lumber to get a first hand look at the WRC clear 1 x 12 and 1 x 4 they were buying for board and batt siding. That’s a distance to come when you live in Syracuse, NY as the Kriebels do. They are retiring to the Washington State Palouse. Mahlon grew up in that area, so this is a return to his roots.
Above, salesman Merle Kirkley shows them around the yard while their order is being wrapped for shipment. They were enjoying the marvelous Indian summer weather that has held the snow at bay. They couldn’t find the clear grade material they wanted and saw Bear Creek’s name in Fine Homebuilding magazine. Longtime readers of this newsletter, they said it was worth the trip to see the yard after reading about BCL and the valley .

more on REDWOOD :
Continued From Above

throughout the western United States of America.
Redwood continued its reputation as the most fire durable wood in its class. Many new wood/plastic composites and pure plastics were among the other products tested by UCFPL. They used various modes of degradation including; accelerating or runaway flaming combustion, flaming drops or particles falling from the deck and collapse of a deck board with or without load.
Redwood has a long history of being the best wood of its kind in limiting fires. According to California Redwood Associates Vice President Charlie Jordan, redwood has been historically used in fire walls and for fire doors. It is currently the only material allowed for rooftop decking in San Francisco. Redwood class structures were credited with limiting the extent of the great fires following the San Francisco earthquake in 1906.
Construction Heart 2x6 was the only product that exhibited no degradation effects during the long exposure test according to Professor Frank Beal, Director, UCFPL. Watch for the results of the this study to have significant implications for the development of new fires codes for urban wildland interface fire zones.
For a complete summary of the test results, visit UCFPL website at:
by Sage Bannick with information from the CRA

Thanksgiving Thought

This November , I find myself looking at my world very differently. I know I am blessed to live in the mountains, in a valley of serenity. But I was born in Manhattan, lived in New York for fifteen years and I can only imagine how that world has changed. Our hearts go out to everyone on the East Coast who lost loved ones and for the others whose sons and daughters now are off to this war we have no choice but to participate in.
I have lived and traveled all over the world. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate why I am an American. I would never be anything else. This wonderful country is simply the kindest, fairest, most ambitious and accommodating of any in the world. As a people, we challenge ourselves constantly to change and improve. Nothing but the best!
It is a year to truly give thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this magnificent engine, this amalgamation of ideas and abilities, this greatest country in the history of the world.