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Installing Channel Siding

Lap sidings can be installed horizontally or vertically. For horizontal applications, start with the bottom course and work up with the bevel sides of the channels pointing upwards.

Allow a 1/8 in. expansion gap between pieces if the siding is air-or-kiln-dried.

Do not nail through overlaps. For siding up to 6 in. wide, use one nail one inch up from the lap. Face nail with two nails per bearing for 8 in. patterns and wider, keeping nails 2-1/2 to 3 in. apart to allow for dimensional movement without splitting (see Figure 6).

Table 9. Channel Siding Dimensions
Thickness (in.) Nominal Width (in.) Finished Width (in.)
3/8 6, 8, 10 5-1/2, 7-3/8, 9-3/8
5/8 6, 8 5-1/2, 7-3/8
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