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We are very excited to bring back our industry news, current events and insider information direct from the building industry leaders. Each month we will be publishing a new issue and also sharing some throwback info from years past.

Bear Creek Lumber has always been a customer focused company and we love nothing more than pairing the right lumber with the right project in order to make our client dreams come true. Getting it really right means staying on top of current building trends and budget friendly strategies. 

Here’s where we are so very happy to help! 

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Welcome Timberline Fans!
For those of you just joining us, Timberline was a newsletter that Ela Bannick wrote for 20+ years and was started in 1985! 

She started writing this monthly newsletter so that the company could keep in touch with customers in far away places. Not everyone lived in the Washington State, much less the Methow Valley and Ela wanted to reach out to everyone she could, no matter where they were. 

She wrote the newsletter up until 2007 when discontinued our print edition and went online with a WordPress blog. We have archived the print editions in PDF form in our electronic archives.

Bear Creek Lumber Fall 2015

Bear Creek Lumber

There is only one Bear Creek Lumber. Family owned and operated in Winthrop, Wa, BCL has been offering its specialty lumber services to the general public since 1977.

Bear Creek Lumber Fall 2015

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We reach across the country, all the way to the East Coast, West Coast, North and the South with a network of Common Carriers and trucks.

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