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Western Red Cedar Timbers Installed In A Garden Center

Timber Products

Natural timber products are a wonderful choice when you are looking for strength, beauty, and workability.  Here at Bear Creek Lumber, we can provide both softwood and hardwood timber products.  Our most common softwood species that we supply timbers in are Western Red CedarAlaskan Yellow CedarDouglas Fir / Larch, Port Orford Cedar, and California Redwood.  Though less common, we have supplied Ipe and other hardwood timbers when a highly unique material is required.

Timbers are commonly supplied in both nominal and net thicknesses or widths of 4″, 6″, 10″ & 12″.  

Larger dimensions are available by special order, but lead times tend to be longer after getting outside of the 12″ size. Understanding timber sizes is important to the ordering of your timbers as they can come surfaced four sides (S4S) resawn or rough cut.  

Typically, S4S and resawn materials will be 1/2″ under the nominal thickness, while rough cut material will generally be full dimension.  S4S and resawn widths will be 1/2″ under for 4″ and 6″ materials, while 8″ and above will be 3/4″ under nominal sizing.  If you need a specific net size, it is important that you inform your sales representative so that they provide you the proper pricing based on your individual needs. 

Timber Specifications

Another important aspect of ordering timber products is to be aware of your options for including the pith of the tree in your timbers.  The pith/heart center of the tree can have a large effect on the timber in that it can lead to more twist, seasoning check or warping.  If you have a project where you want to minimize the level of these natural effects, then buying timbers that are Free of Heart Center (FOHC) may be your best option.  Please note that if you do not specify FOHC materials, that the materials provided will most likely come as Boxed Heart.

Timbers can be supplied both green and dry.  Be aware, that kiln drying timbers is generally not going to dry the timber all the way through the piece of lumber.  West Coast kiln standards are to dry the log to 19% moisture content or less only 1″ into the timber.  If you require for the timber to be core dry, then purchasing a radio frequency kiln dried product would be a better choice, but the process is very expensive.  

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar Timbers

Western red cedar is a stunning choice for timbers. Each piece is strong, beautiful, and will last a long time, even in extreme weather conditions. Many times, this species will be used when you want an exposed post and beam or timber look and/or you need a bit of extra support for your interior or exterior design.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Timbers

Douglas Fir timbers are quite commonly used in many types of residential and commercial construction. They are stronger, more durable, and can handle higher impacts/weight loads. Post and beam construction is referring to the term for building home frames with large timbers. Typically steel plates often tie members together.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar Timbers

Yellow Cedar is not only beautiful, it's also incredibly durable. In fact, it is one of the world's most durable woods. It resists corrosion and offers natural resilience making it is ideal for industrial uses and is used extensively for boat building, sauna manufacturing, fine cabinetry and interior and exterior millwork.

Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford cedar timbers are well suited for interior and exterior application. They are light colored, incredibly strong, and easy to work with. Many builders, and homeowners love this type of cedar and use it in designs that require a special touch.

California Redwood

Redwood Timbers

Redwood timbers have a wonderful visual appeal and are suitable for exposed but not structural application. this species is prized for coloration as well as longevity. Many people use this species for pergolas, deck structures, and garden spaces.

Recycled Douglas Fir

Recycled Douglas Fir Timbers

Recycled and reclaimed Douglas Fir is a great choice for new construction. Former structures constructed from the first trees of this continent are quite a treasure to behold and stand up well to the elements. This lumber can create a cool floor as well as seasoned columns. Expect some shake and fall down if recovering a smaller size from large timbers.

Further Timber Specifications

Except in the case of such items as factory lumber, material supplied in accordance with these rules is not intended to be suitable for remanufacturing to smaller sizes. Characteristics permitted and limitations for rough lumber are the same as those for dressed lumber of like kind and grade. In addition, such characteristics which are likely to disappear in dressing rough lumber to standard sizes are allowed.

The grade of lumber as determined by the inspector applies to the size, form, condition, or degree of seasoning at the time of original inspection; any subsequent change in the lumber must be disregarded in determining the original grade. The board measurement of dry lumber, rough or dressed, is based on the corresponding nominal dimensions of rough unseasoned lumber.

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