Bradshaw Custom Home

Salesperson: Merle Kirkley
Builder: Franklin Bradshaw
Homeowner Franklin Bradshaw lovingly created a residence that is as easy to look at as it is to live in. He has been more than generous over the past years sharing pictures of the construction of his house with Bear Creek Lumber. He has used so many of our products that it is a literal advertisement of what we can do for any homeowner who wants a natural-looking wood home. We can’t thank Franklin enough for these marvelous shots!

Clear western red cedar, selected for color is used throughout the Bradshaw house exterior. Cherry flooring, and vertical grain fir trim highlight the interior. The project was built over a three year period by the owner in Mukilteo WA.

Here is what Franklin had to say about our products:

“Thought you’d be interested in how the Cedar deck went. Attached are Pictures. So far the only fasteners in the rails are the bolts holding the posts (covered with square pegs). The rails are all held together with mortise & Tenion joints. When done the rails will be held firm with screws covered by square pegs. All the decking was resurfaced, sanded and has 3 coats of Penofin. All the rail material was milled, surfaced, sanded (to 220 grit belt), sealed with a marine sealer and 2 coats of Penofin. In a few of the shots you can see the D-fir timbers.

The wood looks so gorgeous it blows some people away. Even caught a few drive bys stopping to take pictures. Currently, I’m working on the cherry floors so we will be needing more lumber next month (I hope).

© Photos by homeowner and builder Frank Bradshaw


Bear Creek Lumber Fall 2015

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