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Western Red Cedar Siding, Soffits, Decking, Trim and Windows

Lumber Species

Bear Creek Lumber offers many different natural lumber species, including softwood and hardwood lumber (red cedar siding, soffits and trim shown above). We have an extensive inventory of Western Red Cedar and other natural lumber product solutions for your project. We can ship to almost any destination in the world.

Check out our unique variety of softwood lumber options such Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Sitka Spruce, Western Larch and Hemlock. You can also scroll lower on this page to browse by not only by species, but also raw lumber, in application or weathered.

*** In many of these species we can offer Clear Vertical Grain, Clear Mixed Grain, Clear Flat Grain or Select Appearance Tight Knot grades. 

Though we specialize in softwoods, we also can provide high quality hardwood lumber as well. 
The most common hardwood lumber species we offer are Ipe, Jatoba, Mahogany, Sapele, and Teak.

Lumber Sizing

When ordering your Cedar products it is important to understand lumber sizing.  Lumber is generally going to be sold on what is called Nominal Sizing rather than Net Sizing. An example of this would be to order a 2″x4″.   Though the board is nominally called a 2″x4″ its net size may be 1.5″ x 3.5″ if it has been surfaced on all four sides.   If you need a particular net size of material, please be sure to make your sales representative aware of the exact net size so he can provide you with the right piece of lumber.


Bear Creek Lumber’s inventory is almost exclusively high end lumber and timber products.  We like to focus on providing materials that will add value to our clients projects and leave an unforgettable finished product. 

Through our different species we offer many different finish lumber products and various grades of these products.  We can supply Clear grades of #2 Clear, #4 Clear, A & Better Clear, C&Better Clear, D&Better Clear, #2 & Better Knotty, #3 & Better Knotty, Utility and Merchantable.  Material can also be sorted for “Select Appearance” for all grades #2 & Better Knotty or higher.

We offer one of the most unique collections of Clear Lumber product in the finished lumber products industry.  Our Clear Materials can often be specified for the grain type and density.  Clear Vertical Grain is generally the most desirable, but a Clear Mixed Grain product can be very beautiful as well.

North american Softwoods

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar (WRC) is one of the most versatile species of lumber you can find. It is known for its impermeability and its natural phenol preservatives, this wood is ideal for exterior use in decks siding and roofing. We also offer trim, paneling and posts and beams.

Click any of the links below to see this amazing species of lumber as raw lumber, and/or installed as products in application. 
You can also see what it looks like after many years of being exposed to the weather.

Products In Application

Douglas Fir / Larch

When architects and engineers look for the best in structural lumber, their first choice repeatedly is Douglas Fir. It is dimensionally stable and incredibly strong. Trim, flooring and siding are available. One of the main benefits of Douglas fir timbers is that they are stronger, more durable and can handle higher impacts and weight loads. This means your timber home can withstand more extreme weather and are built to last longer than other wood types. Douglas fir lumber is considered to be one of the best woods for home building.

Products In Application

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Yellow cedar can be used for floors, doors, deck, ceiling paneling, custom woodworking and millwork. Traditionally used for boat building because of its long term durability. For both interior and exterior application, Alaskan Cedar offers the advantages of natural beauty, design flexibility, exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability. Cedar has a long history of withstanding the rigors of time and weather. It is also recognized structural material with known mechanical and physical properties.

Products In Application

Port Orford Cedar

The natural beauty and decay resistance of Port Orford Cedar make it ideal for decking. It is also one of the strongest cedars with strength values. Sought after for temples, boat building, cabinet making, siding and decking, this is a versatile species with excellent durability, resistance to moisture and light colors.

Products In Application

Ponderosa Pine / Spruce

Pine’s beautiful yellow and blue tones make it an ideal product for paneling, flooring and tongue and groove applications. Sitka Spruce is highly sought after for furniture and aircraft building among others. Visit our Pine / Spruce page and find out more about these two species. Pine is a renewable resource that is easy to work with, durable for areas of high foot traffic and is often a cost effective option.

Products In Application


Highly sought after for its excellence of appearance, the heartwood of Redwood possesses rich tones and natural resistance to decay and insects. Use it for siding, decks, garden structures and trim and many other applications. Strength. Comfort. Much lighter in weight than plastic composite and tropical hardwoods, redwood can be easily cut, sawed, and drilled with regular woodworking tools. Yet for all that lightness, redwood is one of nature’s strongest building materials with shear strength up to 5x greater than plastic decking products.

Products In Application


Being moderate in weight and strength, this wood is primarily used in appearance applications such as trim, ceiling paneling, ceilings, moldings and tongue and groove products. Hemlock is straight-grained and light, but typically not used as often as Douglas fir. It’s used more often for moldings and trim because it resists warping and twisting, and when stained, reflects more pronounced grain patterns than other softwoods.

Products In Application

Incense Cedar

Incense Cedar can be used in interior and exterior projects.



One of the few products rated to outlive your Mortgage, Ipe is a great investment due to its high resistance to fire, rot, and insects. Excellent for exterior applications such as decks and railings, and anything that demands the toughest wood product available. IPE is naturally rot resistant, sturdy and stylish along with being fire resistant.

Products In Application


Jatoba is one of the premium flooring materials we sell. Real wood floors, not laminates or composites, will last a lifetime. The durability of these floors will make them last longer than your mortgage, so when looking at pricing consider the life span of these products into the equation. Jatoba can be used in interior and exterior projects. It’s main benefits are its extreme hardness and strength for the price. It is often used for areas that have high traffic 

Products In Application


This wood is easy to work, is easy to finish and takes an excellent polish. These characteristics make it a favorite for cabinet and furniture making, boat building and turnery. We have an extensive in-warehouse stock ready to ship to your shop. Mahogany is extremely durable and resistant which means it will easily last as a decking product for 20+ years. Mahogany is particularly resistant to rot, mold, and pother organisms of decay, both with respect to the atmosphere and with the soil. In addition mahogany is highly resistant to the attack of drywood termites.

Products In Application


One of the most valuable of all woods, it does not corrode when in contact with metal and has great dimensional stability.

Other Featured Products

Western Red Cedar Timbers and Post and Beam

All beams are available in Clear, Select or Standard and Better grades. Available in lengths up to 24'. Lengths up to 40' available but must be special ordered All Sizes are available. From garden to timber framed homes, Red Cedar has the looks and the strength to do it all. This increasingly rare softwood has great qualities all around, and some of the nicest colors.

Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles

The characteristics that make Western Red Cedar a fine exterior siding, decking, and paneling, also make shake and shingle products the most desirable for roofing and sidewall application. We offer these products in a variety of lengths and fancy cuts, and we can help you estimate your materials list. Briefly, we will look at the difference between shakes and shingles and their applications. View Shingles In Application.

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