Custom Milling

BCL can offer milling of any pattern from any species of lumber that we sell. 

We can also mill any practial size of lumber you may need. Bear Creek Lumber is a unique company and we try to work with our customer’s special needs. Custom milling is available, and minimum order requirements do apply. 

Shown to the right (or below on mobile) is a custom milled tongue and groove pattern done in Douglas Fir. The boards were cut more narrow on the ends to form a circular pattern on the ceiling of a round tower room.

The most common lumber species used for milling purposes are: Western Red CedarAlaskan Yellow CedarPort Orford Cedar, Incense Cedar, Douglas Fir/ LarchCalifornia RedwoodPonderosa Pine, Spruce Pine Fir, HemlockHardwoods : Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Walnut, Ash, Hickory, Alder, Ipe / Jatoba. Shown Below are some examples of common milling patterns available from BCL:
Pattern 105
Edge and Centerbead
Rabbeted Bevel Siding
V4 Edges
Pattern 106
pattern 117
Wavy Edge Bevel
Radius Edge Decking
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