About Bear Creek Lumber

There is only one Bear Creek Lumber and it was founded in 1977 by Cloud and Ela Bannick in Winthrop, Wa. 

Cloud and Ela moved to Winthrop, which is in the Methow Valley, in order to raise their family and live an organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly life in a small country town. In the beginning, they lived in a Tepee and Ela grew a large garden and farmed goats, chickens and sheep.

Cloud first worked as a local builder, for the Forest Service and then eventually started Bear Creek Lumber. The business was created in order to sell sustainable materials for building new structures, remodeling existing ones and any other type of construction needs. To this day, we offer the same product lines, recycled/reclaimed materials along with a few new ones.

In the beginning, Cloud would seek out old buildings that were needing to be torn down and he would offer to take them apart and remove the materials. After he had done this, he would resell the materials. This was an amazing way to use reclaimed materials that would otherwise be either burned or put in a landfill somewhere.

The business was started at the Bannick home on the lower part of a 5 acre parcel in the Methow Valley. Cloud used some of his reclaimed materials to start a warehouse with and over time began purchasing newly sawn lumber to sell along with the recycled/reclaimed wood. Eventually this small lumberyard grew into a much larger operation and moved to the Intercity airport in between Twisp and Winthrop. Read the full story here.

Take a trip back in time in the photo gallery below and see the original lumberyard from the deck of the family home and end with the present day photo.

Bear Creek Lumber is still family owned and operated with three generations working together to continue the original vision and provide top quality, unique and hard to find lumber materials to architects, homeowners, contractors, manufacturers and anyone looking to build beautifully with natural, sustainable products.

Over the years, we developed deep relationships with the finest mills in North America which includes an extensive network of softwood and hardwood lumber suppliers. This allows us to consistently discover the top quality, hard to find lumber products that have the most value to our customers. 

We are constantly bringing in new lumber products and stocking up on our best sellers. Our standard inventory includes hard-to-find American and Canadian softwoods and exotic hardwoods  along with other top quality products that many other lumber outlets have a hard time finding (much less affordably). This huge selection of grades and species kept in stock is unique.

Bear Creek Lumber also offers job site direct deliveries. Just in case you are not in our area, our freight department regularly ships lumber and building products to every corner of the country, including South Pacific and Caribbean destinations. 

Where We Are and How We Do Business

Here at Bear Creek Lumber, we love what we do and we really love helping our customers get the very best results with their building projects. Over the years, we have curated a full library of helpful information on our website and a we employ a top notch professional staff to help you get the lumber you need and the best advice on how to get impressive results. 

Over the years, we have built up a reputation for quality products, services, fairness and dependability, and have gradually added a staff of trained workers who enjoy their work, and who like to discuss with their customers their unique lumber needs and how we can help.

We have been careful not to grow too quickly, preferring a low-key approach to business that keeps relationships between staff and customers friendly, while maintaining a professional business atmosphere. The company keeps in touch with its many customers through a newsletter service called Timberline. The four-page publication is available monthly and includes industry news, company promotions as well as correspondence from customers from around the U.S.

Bear Creek Lumber has one central location in a remote but scenic part of North Central Washington State. The area is best known as the premier nordic ski area of Western North America. It is also the gateway to the North Cascades National Park, a mountainous region that holds an abundance of wildlife and is the northern end of the scenic Pacific Crest Trail.

The Methow Valley, as this area is known, is a vacation spot for many but a home for the Bannick family and employees of Bear Creek Lumber. Despite our rural location, we have the latest in computer technology and fiber-optic telecommunications equipment.

Bear Creek Lumber customers have the advantage of being able to access our inventory conveniently by calling our toll-free number (800) 597-7191) to place their orders. E-Mail is also a way to place an order with us.

We can send also send a facsimile or PDF of that order to the customer to provide quick and easy service.

The company freight department handles all shipping so BCL customers’ only concern is arranging the unloading at the time of delivery. Customers are also welcome to visit the company headquarters, and receive a tour of the facilities and inventory.

There is no scheduled commercial air or bus service to the Methow Valley, but those wishing to make the drive can fly into either Spokane, Wenatchee or Seattle, or fly in your own aircraft to the Smokejumper’s airport next door.

Map and Approximate Driving Times:

* Seatac Intl. Airport to Winthrop: 5 hours – Driving directions from Google Maps
   Note: Winter road closures on Hwy 20 are not reflected in Google maps, please call for directions during the winter months.
* Spokane Intl. Airport to Winthrop: 4 1/2 hours – Driving directions from Google Maps
* Wenatchee (Pangborn Memorial Airport) to Winthrop: 2 hours – Driving directions from Google Maps

For more detailed driving instructions, contact the Bear Creek Lumber office or consult AAA.

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