Why Contractors Choose Bear Creek Lumber

Competitive Quotes and Delivery to your Jobsite.

By choosing Bear Creek Lumber Products you can count on the following:

  • Accurately graded lumber.
  • Thirty years of refinement in practices and approach to order assembly, selection and packaging.
  • Reduced labor on-site by specifying the finish that let us provide wood which is ready to use for your project.
  • Enhanced project outcome by virtue of choosing superior grade of available products.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and an improved reputation for skilled finish work.

Installation can run 40% of material costs, so use quality lumber which is acclimatized to best suit your application and get more from your project. When it comes to good wood, Bear Creek Lumber will sand it, plane it, cut it, seal it, treat it, expedite it, shape it, stain it, store it , crate it , mill it, wrap it, dry it, cut it, peel it , and ship it by every means.

We are part of a custom building community and every week brings new opportunities with new materials in a variety of locations around the world. Be sure and stipulate details to be observed on your purchase agreement, our sales and yard crew take special care on assembling every order.

We invite you to browse our website and to keep checking back for new content, we will be updating tthe site on a regular basis.

Bear Creek Lumber Fall 2015

Bear Creek Lumber

There is only one Bear Creek Lumber. Family owned and operated, BCL has been offering its specialty lumber services to the general public since 1977.


Jobsite Direct Delivery

We reach across the country, all the way to the East Coast, West Coast, North and the South with a network of Common Carriers and trucks.

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