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Online Store

Where´s the online store?

Let’s face it, purchasing 12,000 board feet of Redwood Siding is not something you would characterize as “impulse buying”. We want to ensure that our quote process is as accurate and tailored to your needs as possible, so we choose not to have an online store. We believe that in offering high end wood products there can be no compromise in service or quality, since our inventory in composed of the finest lumber products in a selection of hard-to-find wood species.

To ensure we are quoting you the best prices we need the following information:

  • Product Species
  • Product size, including lengths if specified lengths are needed, and number of pieces
  • Product grade
  • Footage needed ( can be square footage, lineal footage or board footage)
  • Shipping destination ( city, state, zip)

If you are unsure of any of these lumber specifications, our sales or customer service staff can offer you a variety of choices to work with:

– If you have most of this information: fill out our Request for a Quote online form.
– If you have questions: Call us toll free at 1.800.597.7191 or email us at customerservice@bearcreeklumber.com

We offer every month a selection of Specials (inventory items we are discounting).

The Purchase Process​

  1. All orders are quoted from the customer’s construction material list, which can be sent to Bear Creek’s customer service (CS) desk as a quote request.
  2. Our Customer Service department can answer your questions and if you are in need of pricing, will refer you on to a salesperson. If you are unsure of any of these lumber specifications, our sales or CS staff can offer you a variety of choices to work with.
  3. When you have made your final decision, they will send you a Purchase Agreement (PA) which must be signed by you before any lumber can be shipped. Carefully review the Purchase Agreement, before signing, to make sure that the product and terms are what you need.
  4. In addition to the signed PA, Bear Creek Lumber requires full or (with credit approval) partial prepayment, prior to shipment. All partial prepayment orders must be paid in full (C.O.D.) upon delivery. We advise our customers that full prepayment is the fastest route for shipping their orders. It saves us time and saves you money, since there are C.O.D. fee’s that start at $45, depending on the amount to be collected. BCL now accepts credit cards, along with checks, and all other traditional forms of payment.
  5. In-stock items can be shipped within 30 days of payment. Custom milling requires 45-60 days, and at some times of the year possibly longer. Customers with Fall and Spring orders may want to arrange shipping ahead of time, since those are the busiest shipping periods of the year. Bear Creek Lumber will hold your lumber package at our plant with a deposit, and we will ship when you are ready for the receipt of that order.

Special Orders​

About 50% of Bear Creek Lumber’s sales are custom orders. Bear Creek Lumber makes every effort to work with the customer on their special needs. Custom milling is available, but minimum order requirements do apply. When products are being processes by third parties, there can be delays beyond the control of Bear Creek Lumber. Pre-staining can be arranged by Bear Creek Lumber, but BCL does not do the actual pre-stain work and does not assume responsibility for any problems with the finished product.
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