Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bear Creek?

Located 45 minutes north of Lake Chelan at the widest part of the Methow Valley of North Central Washington State. See our map and driving directions.

Do you deliver?

Delivery to the jobsite is part of the purchase. We coordinate all points of trans-shipment. You should be ready to off-load your order at your jobsite, this is your responsability.

How do I store (acclimatize) my wood?

Lumber should never be stored directly on the ground. It should always be covered with lumber wrap, which allows air to circulate moisture out, but not into the stack. Avoid moving lumber when it is raining. Always keep lumber on dunnage so that air can circulate under the pile. Interior products such as paneling should be stored inside, and allowed to acclimatize. Never store lumber in a room with fresh concrete or drywall. Let the wood product acclimatize for at least one week before application. Ideally you should sticker the wood in the room it will be installed in. Check out our storage page.

What is Bear Creek Lumber's guarantee policy?

Bear Creek Lumber quarantees timely delivery of decided and agreed-to quality lumber products in full accordance to the signed purchase agreement as a part of every transaction. Complete product description is made available to the customer including but not limited to physical samples, digital images, links to product information, and dialogue with your salesperson to meet the needs of the customer’s project. Product satisfaction issues may be first addressed with your sales representative. An equitable solution is the goal of every claim.

BCL Return Policy.

Inventory Returns: 20% return fee or $50, whichever is greater.  Customer is responsible for transporting the materials back to Bear Creek Lumber.
Special Order: No returns on delivered items unless damaged during delivery.
Canceled Special Orders:  Deposits are non-refundable.  Any special order that is cancelled will incur an 80% restock fee of any items that have been milled/created or otherwise sourced.

– Invoice and dated, signed PA must accompany all claims and returned goods; any discrepancy must be reported within 48 hours of invoice date. Received as invoiced and in good condition.
– No returns on milled, cut or finished material.
– No returns after 30 days of receipt.

Do you do milling?

BCL is able to sand, plane, and cut moulding. Specialty patterns are processed by sub-contracted Mills who specialize in their craft. Pre-prime and staining are also available with your order.

What don't you sell?

We do not sell windows, electrical supplies, plumbing equipment, lottery tickets, paint, dry wall, concrete, tools, metal chain-link fencing, metal roofing, synthetic fencing, synthetic siding or synthetic decking, T1-11 – plywood.

Where does your material come from?

Bear Creek Lumber sources timber of various grade, age, and specie to create a variety of offerings for our customers. The Canadian Rockies, Appalachians, Africa, Brazil, Asia and Pacific Coast are home to the woods selected for your specialty projects. Along with the softwoods, exotic hardwoods are another product that we offer. Bear Creek buys these from sustainable harvested forest land managers in South and North America. In addition Bear Creek Lumber offers other certified sustainable growth lumber products and recycled lumber

What do you recommend for fasteners?

Bear Creek Lumber recommends the use of stainless steel screws and fasteners which are resistant to corrosion and will not allow streaking to discolor your lumber over time. This nail page will give you in-depth information.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Arrival at the job site of your material is dependent on many factors you should consider and discuss with your salesman when negotiating a purchase. Estimations are provided to you based on the need for remanufacture (milling, staining), special order (unusual dimensions or length), final destination, payment terms, volume, job scheduling and availability. Once your order has left our yard you will be contacted and given an updated ETA. For up to the minute status, please call Bear Creek Lumber and ask to speak with your sales person or shipping coordinator.

Why should I buy from Bear Creek Lumber instead of my local distributor?

We hand select each order. The pieces you request are examined by our Western Red Cedar Lumber Assosciation trained staff, who verify: grade, finish, length structure and appearance considerations before preparing the wood to be crated and wrapped for shipment. In many instances we can deliver faster than your local lumber supplier with competitive price due to our extensive range of products and our targeted wholesale customer-base.

What is my salesperson name?

If you would like to call us, identify yourself to the customer service attendant by name and the city and state you are calling from, and they will tell you who your salesperson is to talk to. Be ready to be routed to the person you called for, or leave a message. You can also e-mail us, and we will respond to any questions you may have.

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