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Western Red Cedar : Bevels : Testimonials

picture of the murray home in alaska, red cedar bevel sidingAlaska Murray Home

Hi Merle,
Here’s a picture of our home ( pictured right).This is the backside and its hard to get far enough back to see the whole picture but we love it. We’re in Phase II now and the foundation has been dug. John is preparing for the foundation forms. Thanks so much your great service, help and attitude-it sure helps us on this end, amateurs that we are. My brother-in-law lives in Twisp ( WA) so maybe some day we’ll stop by and say hi-when all this madness is over.
Sincerely, M. and J. Murray - AK
P.S. We put smooth side out. Just loved the look of it!

japan home sided with bevelJapan Home

Hi! We finished our building ( pictured right), and are already thinking of building #2. Will hold off for awhile. Enjoy the clapboards and had just enough. As we are doing a few smaller out buildings may need to order more in spring. Thanks for your help on this project. Hope everything is going well for you.
Best wishes,
John B.- Japan

Below, l to r: Painted Bevel, 3/4 x8 Clear bevel Siding finished with a clear stain and Clear Grade Bevel Siding

a home sided with red cedr bevel

clear western red cedar siding imagedetail of red ceadr clear vertical grain siding

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