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Timber Products

Bear Creek Lumber sells timbers, in many species of lumber. All timber product options are available in a variety of grades ranging from vertical grain clear to utility. BCL can offer any size timbers you may need. 1" to 36" in thickness / width and 50' in length. Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir / Larch, Pine / Spruce, Hemlock , and California Redwood, are the most commonly used species of wood for timber applications.

western red cedar timbers iconWestern Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar gallery. Except in the case of such items as factory lumber, material supplied in accordance with these rules is not intended to be suitable for remanufacturing to smaller sizes

port orford cedar iconPort Orford Cedar

POC timbers gallery. Characteristics permitted and limitations for rough lumber are the same as those for dressed lumber of like kind and grade. In addition, such characteristics which are likely to disappear in dressing rough lumber to standard sizes are allowed.

Ipe decking imagesAlaskan Yellow Cedar

Visit our Yellow Cedar picture gallery. The grade of lumber as determined by the inspector applies to the size, form, condition, or degree of seasoning at the time of original inspection; any subsequent change in the lumber must be disregarded in determining the original grade.

Douglas fir imagesDouglas Fir

Douglas Fir picture gallery. The board measurement of dry lumber, rough or dressed, is based on the corresponding nominal dimensions of rough unseasoned lumber.

california redwood post and beam imagesCalifornia Redwood

Redwood suitable for exposed but not structural application. this specie is prized for coloration as well as longevity.

recycled douglas fir imagesRecycled Douglas Fir

Recycled and reclaimed Fir. Former structures constructed from the first trees of this continent are quite a treasure to behold. Makes a cool floor as well as seasoned columns. Expect some shake and fall down if recovering a smaller size from large timbers.