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Merle Kirkley, Sales

I've been working atm Bear Creek I think 9 years, going on 10. My responsabilities are National Sales, some purchasing.

My interest is in building my own home in the near future.  I am looking forward to including many of the products that we sell.  I love the look and feel of real wood, it is unmatched by any supposed substitutes.  I am going to build in a low impact manor, incorporating many green and sustainable features. I’ve used a few of our products on my construction site building my shed.  I used 1x12 #2 & Better Douglas Fir for the ceiling, yellow cedar 2x6 for the rafters, and 5/4x4 red cedar for trim and a mix of yellow cedar shingles and bevel for siding.

My favorite specis to sell are Port Orford Cedar, and Western Red Cedar. I enjoy playing in the mountains.  I think my favorite is back country skiing, I get in somewhere between 30-50 days a year.  Next would be mountian biking and road biking, pretty much all spring, summer and fall.  Mix in a little climbing and backpacking, and I keep busy all year.  Whatever means it takes to get to the top of the mountain.  I plan to do some surfing in the future, just so I can spend some time @ the ocean and not get bored. 
Email Merle or call 1.800.597.7191

Merle's Recent Projects

Merle's Lumber Tip

I could not stress enough the benefits of using the saw textured face on exterior products.  You’ll get superior finish and longevity going this route.

Merle's Customer feedback

Merle -

Just a note to say thank you for your excellent help with my VG Doug Fir
order. The boards look great - exactly the tight grained spec I was looking
for to complement my windows and doors - far superior to anything
I could have gotten here on the East coast from a local distributor
or lumber yard, and at a very reasonable price.

I'll be sure to look you guys up again should I ever need another
order. When I'm done with everything, I'll send you a few pictures.

Ken Sembach