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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Timbers, Post and Beam

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Products in application

Browse our line of products below, or browse by species on the lumber species page. We aslo have a Raw Lumber Picture Gallery. If you don’t see what you are looking for don’t hesitate to email us and request a custom job.
Alaskan Yellow Cedar Interior Ceiling Paneling Products
Ceiling Paneling

Our inventory includes all sizes and patterns in Cedar ceiling products, and we offer additional special order patterns.

Interior Paneling

We offer most common patterns in-stock, and we have the capability to mill almost any pattern you can think of .

Post and Beam & Timbers

Yellow Cedar is a great choice for rafters and beams in island homes. All beams are available in Clear, Select or Standard and Better grades. Available in lengths up to 24'. Lengths up to 40' available but must be special ordered All Sizes are available.


Most common in patterns Yellow Cedar repells insects naturally. The exterior finish of a building is the face it presents to the world. It defines the mood and character of the structure and reflects the image desired by its designers, builders or owners.


Yellow cedar lasts longer because it naturally resists rot and moisture. Incorporating a deck into your home is a great way to add value the home, increase your living space and to better your overall quality of life.


This hard-to-find species has soft yellow tones. Rot and insect resistance are also a plus. Real wood trim on residential, commercial or industrial buildings perfectly complements any architectural style and is compatible with all contemporary cladding materials.


We offer you sizes, pattterns and lengths to influence the appearance of a covered deck or entry way we offer many pattern widths.


From boat and airplane building to any application you can think of, AYC boards.

Shakes and Shingles

Shingles are sawn. Shakes are split. Shingles have a relatively smooth surface while shakes have at least one highly textured natural grain split surface. Shingles and shakes are generally used for roof and sidewall applications in the natural or unfinished state. Highly resistant to weather and rot, this boat building wood makes for a perfect shake or shingle siding...

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