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California Redwood Decking

California Redwood decking is one of the more beautiful options if you are looking for an outdoor decking product AND it is as easy to work with is it is durable.

This species of decking material is popular not only for its beauty but also for its strength and natural resistance to weather. Not only is is it flat out gorgeous to look at, it has little to no shrinkage or swelling when it is exposed to water and can therefore withstand a variety of weather conditions. Redwood is easy to saw, nail, and drill. Various grades are available for an extra special unique customized look that very few woods offer. 

Interested in discovering this surprisingly versatile material and seeing what it would take to use it in your next project?
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Redwood Deck

Built-in Hot Tub

Fire Pit

Redwood Colors

Multi-Level Deck

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Beach House Deck

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