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Douglas Fir Rough Cut Siding

Many people will use Douglas Fir (DF) for an exterior siding product when they are looking to restore an older home or building a new one. 

This species of lumber is an inexpensive and durable one that will last for many years. It’s easy to work with and can install fairly quickly when you are going for a rough cut, board and batten look.

Douglas Fir (or any other species) Board and batt siding is a design where boards are installed vertically and the joins are covered by another board (batten).  Many homeowners and builders use the resawn textured face out when they are installing this type of siding, but occasionally you will see the material installed with a smooth texture out. You will find that the most common board widths for board and batten are going to be 8″, 10″ and 12″, with the batten widths being 2″, 3″ or 4″.  Most of the time DF board and batten is installed with knotty materials, but for more upscale projects it is not uncommon to see clear grade materials used. Learn how to install Board and Batten siding here.

Board and Batten Coverage Table

Nominal Width (inches) Dressed Width (inches) Exposed Face Width (inches)
2 1-9/16 Varies with width of board selected
4 3-9/16
6 5-9/16
8 7-3/8
10 9-3/8
12 11-3/8

Douglas Fir Products : Barn : Testimonials

Mary and Tom I. - Mount Vernon, Ia

Here are some more pictures of the barn. The Timbers are #1 & better Doug Fir S4S. The siding is 1×12 #2& better Rough Sawn Doug Fir, with matching 1×3 battens. Tom has been working on the siding, Needs to get that done before he can put the rest of the roof deck on. It is really coming along.
Mary I. – Mount Vernon, Ia

A Barn Grows In Iowa
Dreams come in all sizes and shapes. This one grew with the corn in Iowa. You hear a lot about people tearing the old barns down but not about those building them back into the landscape. This is a labor of love. I asked Tom if he had any completed pictures yet , and he said he was down to a one-man crew, so the finishing touches were still a ways off. But he welcomed his Bear Creek Lumber salesman, Mark Buck to stop by with his tool belt, any time. “Been waiting for him to show up!” , Tom (pictured below left) said with a grin, over the phone.

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