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Port Orford Cedar Siding

Port orford cedar (POC) tongue and groove siding is an excellent choice for your next exterior siding project! This cedar species is incredibly durable, moisture resistant, and insect resistant at the same time without any additional staining or finishing.

In order to customize the look of a basic tongue and groove pattern, we can also offer style options for the joints of tongue and groove materials. This can help people to get a specific look that works best for their project. The most common joint look that most people want is going to be the V-groove pattern. Other common POC siding patterns we often see are center match, nickel gap or pattern 105. Most patterns we sell can be offered with either a surfaced or resawn texture to match the overall theme of the project.

Get some tips on installing tongue and groove siding on the Tongue and Groove Installation Tips page.


Nominal Width Net Width Pattern Face Sq Ft To Lineal Feet Sq Ft To Board Feet
3 2-1/2 2 6 1.5
4 3 - 1/2 3 4 1.33
6 5-1/2 5 2.4 1.2
8 7-1/4 6-3/4 1.77 1.19

Tongue and groove siding can be installed at an angle, vertically or horizontally.  Bear Creek Lumber can provide a multitude of options in tongue and groove by adjusting size, grade or pattern.  The most common widths for tongue and groove are 4″ and 6″, but we can also provide 8″, 10″ or 12″ widths.  

Both clear and knotty grades are available in the various widths and in either smooth or resawn textures.  The most common pattern for tongue and groove is to have a v-shaped joint, but we also can supply center match, nickel gap and other specialty joint patterns as well.

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