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Ponderosa Pine Interior Ceiling Products

Ponderosa Pine makes a great interior ceiling option if you are looking for a rustic feel to the room and/or a more inexpensive species of lumber.

After you have determined which specie of wood to use for your interior paneling, you will then need to determine which pattern you would like to use to accentuate your visual desires.  The most common pattern that we see for interior use is going to be a V-Joint pattern. Other common patterns we often see are going to be center match or nickel gap. 

Most commonly with interior paneling the products supplied are going to be supplied with a smooth texture, but a resawn texture can be provided if a customer is looking for more of a rustic appeal. We can offer interior paneling in 1/2″, 5/8″, 11/16″ and 3/4″ net sizes and 3″, 4″, 6″ & 8″ nominal widths.  Other sizes can be developed through our specialty milling process if required. 

Most of our softwood paneling options are going to be available in both clear and knotty grades, while our hardwood options are generally only available in clear grades.  Clear products give a finer appearance and work well in modern and upscale projects.  Knotty materials will give the walls more character and a bit of a rustic appeal.  Knotty materials are going to be more economical than clear, generally being about half the overall cost.

Pine and stained blue pine … go ahead and buy the # 2 & better pulled to the flush joint. Install v-face for high grade at almost the same price as the v-joint call out. Makes cool solar system of knots in your home, cabin, office, bar, nightclub, etc. Be sure and ask for blue-stain to crate milky-way eclipsing elipse not included with most installations. This works great with a black-light.

Visit our Installation Tips page . For technical information on Pine and Spruce see this page, or the Pine species page for more general info.

Knotty Pine ceiling

Tongue and groove ceiling

Blue stained pine ceiling

Blue stained pine II

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