Sage Hill School

About Sage Hill School:
Located in Southern California, this school used Alaskan Yellow Cedar for its arbored walkways. Select appearance yellow cedar ( which is a knotty appearance grade) from Bear Creek Lumber. You can see the exterior portions were not stained or painted, and weathered to a natural light grey. The interior portions are still vibrantly yellow.

Sage Hill School provides a unique high school experience, and for that reason students who come to Sage Hill School are here primarily because they recognize that they have something to add to our community as well as much to gain from it.

As result, members of the Sage Hill School community feel a genuine sense of belonging. With class sizes averaging around 15 students, Sage Hill fosters an environment of interaction, creativity, diversity of thought, and critical thinking. Students are drawn to Sage Hill School for the numerous opportunities to participate and develop.

Sage Hill students have the opportunity to discover and explore areas they are passionate about outside of the classroom – athletics, fine arts, performing arts, clubs, student government and leadership, or community service. Each student is encouraged to try new ventures and discover their individuality and talents ; students may write a play that is performed by classmates, try out for a sport in which they may have only a small amount of experience, participate on the mock trial team, or create a non-profit charitable foundation.

Learning at Sage Hill School may also take place in the community. The integrated Service Learning program enables every student to perform off-campus service projects related to their academic coursework during eight school days throughout the year. Sage Hill students also look toward the future. Students at Sage Hill experience a personal, and thorough college counseling process.

The ninth and tenth grades at Sage Hill focus on academic achievement and engagement, both of which will later support college planning. During the eleventh grade, our experienced college counselors work closely and individually with each student to know and understand each and every one. The goal of college counseling at Sage Hill is not simply for our students to be admitted to the college of their choice, but to make an informed choice.

Bear Creek Lumber Fall 2015

Bear Creek Lumber

There is only one Bear Creek Lumber. Family owned and operated, BCL has been offering its specialty lumber services to the general public since 1977.


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