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Port Orford Cedar Decking, Railing, Post and Trim

Port Orford Cedar Products In Application

Scientific Name: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Enjoy this rare wood for for exclusive projects, see why this wood has a cult following. 

Browse our line of products below, or browse by species on the lumber species page. We aslo have a Raw Lumber Picture Gallery.

If you don’t see what you are looking for don’t hesitate to email us and request a custom job.


Take your interior or exterior applications to the next level with POC tongue and groove siding. We offer a variety of options, including many siding patterns. The most common POC siding pattern we sell is generally going to be tongue and groove. Learn more about Port Orford Cedar Siding Here.


Covered or uncovered, exterior decks make an awesome addition to any home, or business!

One of the finest and rarest wood available due to the limited growth range, this species is a highly sought-after material. It's resistance to moisture and rot makes it ideal for decks and outdoor applications. It's also a great choice for humid, wet climates for these same properties. Learn more about Port Orford Cedar Siding Here.​

Post and Beam

Port Orford Cedar post and beam lumber provides a structural and visual treat for any builder, remodeler or homeowner

This species of lumber provides a beautiful, rich color and warm atmosphere in any building. Pergolas, trellis, timber frames, arbors and garden structures made of Port Orford Cedar feature an extended life compared to other softwoods. Don’t forget to get a quote for your next project! You won’t be disappointed. 

Interior Paneling and Ceiling Paneling

Port Orford Cedar makes a wonderful interior paneling or interior ceiling option. 

As you can see in the photos below, this wood starts out with a light or creamy color that will age naturally over time into deeper hues of the starting shade unless you apply a finishing product to it that alters the colors. Also shown below are exterior soffits in a clear grade.

For technical information on Port Orford Cedar see this page, or the POC species page for more general info.



Soft tones of yellow, white and light pink set this wood apart. A wide variety of sizes and lengths in stock, plus special order items.

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