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AYE Clear | Redwood

Specifying AYE Clear Grade Redwood Lumber.

According to the Redwood Inspection Service standards, “…is a quality appearance grade that may contain both heartwood and sapwood and permits larger and more numerous characteristics than allow in Clear. B is intended for use where only one face and one edge are exposed.” This Clear grade contains sapwood. Sapwood is the outer layer of growth between the bark and the heartwood which contain the sap. Some characteristics of this lumber may contain knots~ sound tight, stain, crook, cup, surface checks and some torn grain.

Other Available Board Grades

Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description.  If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know.  We can email you pictures and grade rules.

Available Grades

clear all heart grain redwood sample icon CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN CALIFORNIA REDWOOD SAMPLE Flat Clear Grain redwood sample icon. b gradeknotty grade

  1. Clear All Heart Vertical Grain  Is the finest grade of Redwood. It is all heartwood and the graded face of each piece is free of knots.
  2. Clear All Heart Mixed Grain Flat Grained
  3. Aye Clear
  4. B Heart
  5. Construction Heart An appearance grade with beautiful characteristics.
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