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Western Red Cedar Siding, Soffits, Decking, Trim and Windows

Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding In Application

Western Red Cedar Siding

Western Red Cedar’s dimensional stability and natural decay resistance make it the top choice for siding applications.
This species’ freedom from pitch and resin provide a good base for a range of finishes, from paints, solid color stains to water-repellent preservatives and semi-transparent stains.

Choosing your siding pattern is mostly a matter of personal preference, influenced by the architectural style of your home and its setting. 

We invite you to browse our product galleries below, and to learn about installation tips and finishing suggestions.

*Please note that coverage estimators are generally based on using green/unseasoned materials.  Dry materials may have a narrower net size, so the conversion factors may need to be adjusted based on the product being used.  However, If you use a standard 5%-15% trim and waste factor, you should be covered for some occasional shrinkage*

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