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#2 and Better Grade | Douglas Fir

Specifying #2 and Better Grade Douglas Fir (DF) Lumber.

According to the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA), “#2 and Better Grade lumber … #2 Post and Timbers are used in all general construction, designed for many uses where serviceability is important. Characteristics may include – seasoning checks; grain: medium; knots: sound, not firm fixed, unsound knots are limited to 1/2 the size of other knots; pitch streaks, shake, skip, stain, torn grain and wane.

Other Available Board Grades

Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description.  If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know.  We can email you pictures and grade rules.

Available Board Grades

douglas fir clear vertical grain sample icon D and Better grade sample icon Selectc Deck grade icon

Available Timber Grades

SELECT STRUCTURAL ICON No. 1 grade icon No. 3 grade icon

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